Orange Blossom Honey 
Light and fruity, with a delightful hint of citrus, our Orange Blossom blend is a favorite with customers! Beekeepers have been bringing hives to the surprisingly fertile orange groves of Arizona for decades.  Early spring is the time to harvest and collect the light, fresh, delicous nectar that is only produced once a year. 
We're careful to keep Orange Blossom honey separate from the other spring blends, and we extract it quickly - as soon as the trees drop their blossoms. The unique fragrance and flaor makes this a  truly unforgettable honey. It's fantastic in a cup of tea, as a smooth sweetener for oatmeal and porridge, or simply drizzled over flaky buttermilk biscuits! 
This gorgeous honey is a delightful additon to any pantry, and brings a special warmth to any occasion.