Wildflower Honey 
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Deep and rich, with a select blend of wild blossoms and flowers, Wildflower Honey has a classic, sweet flavor full of depth and rich floral undertones. Gathered from the nectar of blossoming native Arizona trees flowers, and plants, the heady conbination of scent and flavor makes for a rich bouquet and delicious, full-bodied feast for the palate. 
Wildflower is darker than most honeys, and  it's ideal for cooking and baking -- its robust, velvety texture works well as a glaze for ham, sweetbreads, and chicken. you can also use it to enhance the taste ant texture of breads, muffins, and cakes, as well as add to savory desserts for a more complex, layered taste experience. 
Our premium wildflower honey is packed in an easy-grip container for clean pouring and with a resealable cap to preserve freshness.